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With the growth of large scale, distributed systems the challenges of managing logs has become acute. It is increasingly common to have thousands of nodes and tens of thousands of services all emitting data which needs to be attributed, normalized and aggregated i.e. “logged”. This course is designed to introduce individuals with a technical background to the Fluentd log forwarding and aggregation tool for use in Cloud Native Logging. Known as the “unified logging layer”, Fluentd provides fast and efficient log transformation and enrichment, as well as aggregation and forwarding.

In this course you will explore the full range of Fluentd features, from installing fluentd to running fluentd in a container, and from using fluentd as a simple log forwarder to using fluentd as a sophisticated log aggregator and processor. Upon completion you will have the skills necessary to deploy Fluentd in a wide range of production settings.


You’ll learn:

  • Install and configure Fluentd in Cloud Native environments
  • Configure Fluentd to process log data from multiple inputs
  • Configure Fluentd to filter and transform data
  • Configure Fluentd to distribute log data to various backends
  • Configure Fluentd for high availability and high performance
  • And much more!

Conspect Show list

  1. Introduction to Fluentd and Unified Logging
  2. Fluentd Configuration
  3. Extending Fluentd with Plugins
  4. Filtering Data and Creating Pipelines
  5. Parsing and Formatting Data
  6. Designing Effective configurations with Labels and Includes
  7. High Availability with Fluentd
  8. Monitoring the Unified Logging Layer
  9. Debugging and Tuning Fluentd
  10. Introduction to Fluent Bit
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Additional information

  • Some familiarity with logging and log management is helpful
  • Familiarity with Linux system administration
  • Labs require a minimal Ubuntu 16.04 system with Docker installed
Difficulty level
Duration 4 days

The participants will obtain certificates signed by The Linux Foundation.


Certified The Linux Foundation Trainer.

Additional informations

25-30 hours of self-course material.

12 Months of Access to Online Course.

Discussion Forums.

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