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kod: CWAP-403 | wersja: 3.0

The Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) is responsible for the capture and analysis of data related to wireless networks following troubleshooting principles and methodology. This professional has an in-depth understanding of protocols, frame exchanges and standards at the Physical layer and MAC sublayer. This person is proficient in the use of spectrum and protocol analysis tools.

The main subject areas covered by CWAP

  • 802.11 Physical (PHY) Layer Frame Formats and Technologies
  • 802.11 MAC Layer Frame Formats and Technologies
  • 802.11 Operation and Frame Exchanges
  • Spectrum Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Protocol Analysis and Troubleshooting

Each participant in an authorized CWNP CWAP training held in Compendium CE will receive a free CWAP-403 Certified Wireless Analysis Professional Exam voucher.

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Troubleshooting Processes
    • Troubleshooting Methodologies
    • CWNP Methodology
    • Troubleshooting Tools
  2. 802.11 Communications
    • Terminology Review
    • Beacon Frames
    • Authentication
    • Channel Access
    • WLAN Architectures             
  3. 802.11 Frames
    • Framing Review
    • 802.11 General Frame Format
    • 802.11 Frame Types
    • Important 802.11 Frames
    • Security Communications
    • 802.11 PHY
  4. WLAN Hardware
    • Client Devices
    • Access Points
    • WLAN Controllers and Managers
    • Wireless Analysis Hardware
    • Wired hardware
  5. Protocol Analysis
    • WLAN Protocol Analysis Hardware and Software
    • Protocol Analyzer Common Features
    • Working with Protocol Analyzers
  6. Spectrum Analysis
    • Spectrum Analysis Hardware
    • Terminology
    • Spectrum Analyzer Features
    • Installing and Configuring
    • Performing Spectrum Analysis
  7. Wired Issues
    • Common Problems
    • Troubleshooting Tools
    • Troubleshooting Specific Issues
  8. Common WLAN Issues
    • Common Issues
    • Security Issues
    • Client Issues
    • Modern Issues
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Wymagania wstępne

Basic networking knowledge (OSI/IP). Basic network security concepts and wireless network administration CWNA or equivalent knowledge. To earn the CWAP certification, you must pass 2 exams: CWNA and CWAP

Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 3 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Compendium CE (course completion).

The CWAP certification is a professional level wireless LAN certification for the CWNP Program. To earn a CWAP certification, you must hold a current and valid CWNA credential. You must take the CWAP exam at a Pearson Vue Testing Center and pass with a 70% or higher. Instructors must pass with a 80% or higher.

CWAP exam is available through the Pearson VUE test centers.

Each participant in an authorized CWNP CWAP training held in Compendium CE will receive a free CWAP-403 Certified Wireless Analysis Professional Exam voucher.


Authorized CWNP Trainer.

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