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kod: HCIE-R&S | wersja: v3.0

This course introduces the protocol principles and configurations involved in the HCIE-R&S certification exam, regardless of whether you are improving your technical skills or preparing for certification exams, these courses will help you feel more relaxed on the road to learning. This training prepares participants for HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 (Written) exam which covers Network Planning, Design, Implementation, Maintenance, Trouble-Shooting, Optimization, Cut-over , etc.


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Practised in Layer 2 LAN technologies
  • Practised in Layer 2 WAN technologies
  • Practised in IPv6 Basic technologies
  • Practised in transitional technology, such as 6 over 4 tunnel
  • Practised in OSPFv2/v3 principle and configuration
  • Practised in ISIS dual-stack principle and configuration
  • Practised in BGP4/4+ principle and configuration
  • Practised in Route I&C
  • Practised in multicast dual-stack principle and configuration
  • Practised in MPLS VPN architecture
  • Practised in Inter-AS MPLS VPN principle and configuration
  • Familiar with popular network security features
  • Familiar with High-Availability features
  • Understand network management principle
  • Practised in QoS principle and configuration
  • Understand SDN architecture
  • Understand VXLAN/EVPN principle
  • Capable of typical enterprise network design ability
  • Capable of typical enterprise network trouble-shooting ability
  • Practised in typical enterprise network configuration

Target Audience:

Those who hope to obtain HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 certificate

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. Layer 2
    • LAN
      • MAC:Port Security, MAC Address Flapping
      • Gratuitous ARP
      • MSTP principle
      • CSS/iStack
      • Eth-Trunk
    • WAN
      • PPP, MP principle
      • HDLC, IP-trunk principle
      • PPPoE principle
  2. IP
    • IPv6 basics, 6 over 4
    • OSPFv2/v3
      • OSPF principle
      • OSPF configuration command
      • OSPF Fault Diagnosis
      • Suggestions on OSPF Exam Preparation
    • ISIS dual-stack
      • ISIS dual-stack principle
      • ISIS configuration command
      • ISIS Fault Diagnosis
      • Suggestions on ISIS Exam Preparation
    • BGP4/4+
      • BGP principle
      • BGP configuration command
      • BGP Fault Diagnosis
      • Suggestions on BGP Exam Preparation
    • Route I&C
      • Route I&C principle
      • Route I&C configuration command
      • Route I&C Case Analysis
    • Multicast dual-stack
      • Multicast principle
      • Multicast configuration command
  3. MPLS
    • Inter-AS MPLS BGP VPN
    • Inter-AS Option A
    • Inter-AS Option B
    • Inter-AS Option C
  4. Feature
    • Security
      • Attack defense
      • DHCP Snooping
      • IPSG
      • URPF
      • IPsec
    • HA
      • BFD
      • NSF/GR
      • NSR
    • Network Manage
      • SNMP
      • NTP
    • QoS
      • Classification
      • Traffic Policing
      • Traffic Shaping
      • Congestion Avoidance
      • Congestion Management
  5. SDN
    • Strategy of SDN/NFV
    • SDN architecture
    • VXLAN
    • EVPN
  6. Design, Pilot Lab
    • Typical Enterprise Network Design
    • Pilot Lab Exercise
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Dodatkowe informacje

Wymagania wstępne
  • HCIP-Routing & Switching knowledge
  • 5 years’engineering experience in IP industry
Poziom trudności
Czas trwania 10 dni

The participants will obtain certificates signed by Huawei.

This course prepares you for the HCIE Huawei Certified ICT Expert - Routing&Switching V3.0 (Written) exam. HCIE certification H12-261 Written exams is first in order of exams: Written H12-261, Lab H12-262 and Interview H12-263, leading to achieve HCIE Routing&Switching certification. More information about Huawei certification program and available specializations you can find on the


Huawei Certified Trainer.

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