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This course delivers an instructor-led breakdown of Microsoft PowerApps. Students will be taught how to design, test and publish new apps that work with a variety of data sources. We will take users through a selection of well-crafted lessons to help them build new applications for their business.

This class has something for everything, from beginners who wish to customise their data entry forms in SharePoint right up to advanced users who need to use advanced formulas to deliver more bespoke actions to their apps.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand when to use PowerApps 
  • Describe the components of PowerApps and their correct use
  • Create PowerApps from exsiting data sources
  • Brand PowerApps 
  • Customise PowerApps beyond just using the automated wizards
  • Connect to a range of data sources from Excel to Azure SQL 
  • Understand the difference between canvas apps and model-driven apps
  • Integrate PowerApps with other Office 365 systems – including Teams and SharePoint Online
  • Administer and Maintain PowerApps

Plan szkolenia Rozwiń listę

  1. An Introduction to PowerApps
    • What is PowerApps?
    • The benefits of apps
    • How to get PowerApps
    • Canvas Apps and Model-Driven Apps
    • License Options and Costs
    • Discover PowerApps with Templates
  2. Getting Started with PowerApps
    • Building a new app from a data source
    • Add, edit and remove controls
    • Intro to Formulas
    • Testing an app
    • App Settings
    • Publish and Share Apps
    • Version History and Restore
  3. Branding and Media
    • Less is more
    • Duplicate Screens
    • Fonts
    • Screen Colours and Matching Colours
    • Screen Backgrounds
    • Buttons and Icons
    • Hide on Timer
    • Size and Alignment by reference
    • Show and Hide on Timer
  4. PowerApps Controls
    • Text Controls for Data Entry and Display
    • Controls – Drop downs, combo box, date picker, radio button and more
    • Forms – Add and edit data in underlying data sources quickly
    • Charts – present information in pie, line and bar charts
  5. Data Sources and Logic
    • Data Storage and Services
    • How do I decide which database to use?
    • Connect to on-premises data - Gateway
    • What is Delegation?
    • Specific Data Examples
    • Displaying Data
  6. Model-Driven Apps
    • What is a model-driven app?
    • Where will my data be stored?
    • How do create a model-driven app
    • Canvas vs model-driven summary
  7. PowerApp Integration
    • Embed PowerApps in Teams
    • Embed PowerApps in SharePoint Online
    • Start a Flow from a PowerApp
  8. Administration and Maintenance of PowerApps
    • Identify which users have been using PowerApps
    • Reuse an app in another location (move from testing or development to production)
    • Review app usage
    • Prevent a user from using PowerApps
    • Manage environments
  9. Additional Reading
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